The 7 Best Smart Ceiling Fans That Work With Alexa

2022-05-05 09:25:42 By : Mr. Richie Cai

Keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter through the use of a smart-controlled ceiling fan.

Ceiling fans are useful for both cooling your home in the summer months and for circulating warm air in the winter. They are available in many designs and can be made from all kinds of materials to blend in with your home decor.

Beyond aesthetics, there are several things that make a ceiling fan truly stand out. Many include a light fixture and can be controlled via a remote, however, the most modern options now have Wi-Fi connectivity and can be adjusted through your smart devices.

This connectivity also broadens their range of functions to include smart thermostat controls and voice activation through various home automation systems such as Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa.

Here are the best smart ceiling fans that work with Alexa today.

The elegant-looking Big Ass Fans Haiku Smart Ceiling Fan is made from a hybrid resin composite that is both lightweight and extremely durable. It is available in several colors, including a high-gloss white or black, or a combination of wood effect blades with white or black accents.

The fan can be installed on both flat and sloped ceilings using the included hardware kit, and additional extension rods are available for installing it in a room with very high ceilings. The three blades have an overall diameter of 52 inches, making them suitable for rooms of up to 225 square feet.

The center of the fan features an LED light with 16 individual brightness settings, which can be adjusted using the slim-line infrared remote control. In addition, you can govern the fan speed and its various modes via your smart devices or connect to Alexa and Google Assistant to use voice commands.

If you are looking for a fan that you can use outdoors, the Ovlaim Smart Solid Wood Ceiling Fan has an IP44 rating, meaning it withstands moisture and rain. It is also a good choice for large-sized rooms thanks to its 72-inch blade span.

It features three elegant all-wood blades, made of either gray oak or light tan burlywood, and a powerful DC motor, which is whisper quiet and uses up to 75 percent less energy than a traditional AC motor. In addition, the motor has a reverse setting that is used to circulate warm air around the room in cooler months.

The fan has six speeds and a timer setting that turns it off after two or six hours. For convenience, It can be controlled in three ways, either with the included remote control, through the free downloadable smart app, or via voice commands from Alexa and Google.

If you want a ceiling fan that works with smart devices and voice commands, the ONE Products Smart LED Ceiling Fan is equipped with Wi-Fi so that it can be controlled via the Smart Life app. It also connects to many smart home automation devices such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo Show, and Echo Flex.

The fan has three adjustable speeds and a timer that can be set from one to four hours. For setting the ambiance, the integrated LED light has three temperature colors, either warm, natural, or cold white. In addition, the fan and light are both energy-star certified.

The blades are ergonomically molded from lightweight ABS plastic to give a large airflow from minimal energy consumption, while the high-efficiency LED chipset provides up to 1500 lumens from a 15W bulb. So If you are looking for a fan that has plenty of functionality yet won't break the bank, the ONE Products Smart LED Ceiling Fan is hard to beat.

The Hunter Symphony Indoor Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan is a contemporary-looking option with a sweeping blade design and white glass light in the center. For convenience, it can be controlled manually with a pull cord or through the SimpleConnect Wi-Fi app. It allows for voice activation via Alexa and Google and is also compatible with Apple's HomeKit, meaning it can be controlled through Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch.

The fully dimmable light fixture requires two LED bulbs which are included, however, they are daylight white, which is quite harsh, so you may prefer to switch them to warm white if you want to improve the room's color temperature.

The Hunter symphony is available in three distinct finishes including matte nickel and is fairly straightforward to install. It includes a handheld remote and an adjustable, three-position bracket that allows for standard, low, or angled mounting to the ceiling.

The SMAAIR 52 Inch Smart Ceiling Fan stands out for its high level of adjustability and range of functions. Through the smart app, you can group multiple units together and set a schedule for the times and days that you want it to turn on or off. In addition, the app has two sliders for incrementally adjusting the brightness and temperature of the light, or they can be voice-controlled through Alexa, Google, and Siri.

The fan has three 52 inch blades made from durable ABS plastic and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It has ten-speed settings and an ultra-quiet, reversible DC motor. For convenience, it also comes with a high-quality, intuitive remote control.

Its low profile design and flush-mount bracket make this fan a good choice for low ceilings, and it is available in all white, a stylish black and gold, or with wood effect blades.

If you are looking for a sophisticated-looking fan that can match your decor, the versatile Mocha Indoor and Outdoor 3-Blade Fan is available in brushed aluminum, oil-rubbed bronze, and with either a black or white powder-coated finish. It can be purchased with or without a central light fitting and can be installed on sloped ceilings with a pitch of up to 45 degrees via an optional mounting kit.

When it comes to connectivity, the Mocha has lots of options, too. It comes with a Bluetooth remote and a hardwired wall-mounted controller is also available. The free downloadable app allows you to connect the fan to Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, Control4, and Josh AI for voice activation.

In addition, pairing the fan with a smart, wireless thermostat like the Ecobee will assist in conserving energy, as it uses adaptive learning to turn the fan on and off according to your comfort settings.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, the Modern Forms Lotus 3-Blade Smart Ceiling Fan has a wide blade span of 54 inches and a reversible DC motor for winter and summer use. It is made of aluminum with durable ABS plastic blades and is available in several finishes, including metallic bronze and titanium.

The fan is equipped with a central light fixture with three different temperature options. Alternatively, the included cover can be installed if you prefer to use it without a light. The Bluetooth remote has a good range and allows an unlimited amount of fans to be connected for simplified control.

When paired with the Modern Forms app, the fan can be scheduled to operate at specific times and voice-activated via Alexis, Google, Samsung SmartThings, and Ecobee SmartThermostat. In addition, the fan supports cloud connectivity for controlling the fan and light when you are away from home.

Ceiling fans are measured by their blade span, which is the total length of the blades from tip to tip.

To ascertain the correct size needed you must first accurately measure the size of your room. For rooms up to 75 square feet, a blade span of 29 to 36 inches is usually sufficient. For larger rooms, up to 175 square feet, a blade span of 42 to 48 inches is recommended, and for very large rooms up to 350 square feet, you will need a 52 to 56-inch blade span.

In addition, you should also consider your ceiling height, as the higher a fan is installed the less effective it will be. Ideally, the fan should be suspended between 8 and 9-feet above the floor for optimum airflow. If you have very high ceilings then most companies supply an extension rod for mounting the fan at the correct height.

Most modern fans have a reversible motor. In summer, the blades should rotate counterclockwise, which provides down force, thus creating a cooling breeze. It is estimated that wind chill accounts for around four degrees, therefore you can increase the temperature on your thermostat and save money on your cooling costs.

In the winter, the fan can be reversed clockwise, which creates an updraft and circulates the warm air trapped at the top of the room. This is particularly beneficial in rooms with high ceilings and can help to save as much as 15 percent on energy bills.

There may be several reasons why a ceiling fan wobbles, vibrates, or creaks, however, the most common cause is when the fan is unbalanced.

If the blades are loose on the mounting arms or if the canopy or mounting bracket are not tightly secured to a ceiling joist then the fan will not rotate evenly. For peace of mind, when selecting a new ceiling fan, look for a model that has been factory-balanced and sound tested.

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