• Olight iMorse keychain flashlight review - A little lumen launcher - The Gadgeteer

    by admin on 2022-09-24 03:12:06

    REVIEW –  The Olight iMorse Keychain Flashlight is small, simple, rechargeable, and reliable. The maximum brightness really surprised me. And its minimum brightness is quite useful. Since it is rechargeable I don’t feel hesitant to use the iMorse. When I’ve had keychain lights powered b

  • Mike Elko has led Duke football to an unexpected high-stakes table - ABC11 Raleigh-Durham

    by admin on 2022-09-24 03:12:06

    DURHAM, N.C. -- Mike Elko long saw a crossover in skill sets between playing poker and coordinating defenses. While in school at Penn and early in his college coaching career, Elko established himself as a standout poker player on Atlantic City trips with his college buddies and the occasional

  • Shaq Barrett Hits the Ground Running | A Next Gen Look at Bucs-Saints

    by admin on 2022-09-24 03:11:31

    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made life difficult for quarterback Jameis Winston in New Orleans on Sunday, dropping him for six sacks, hitting him a total of nine times and adding 11 pressures. This led to three interceptions and one fumble by Winston and, by the end of a 20-10 Tampa Bay victory, a

  • Sidearm Sports, opens a new window

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    Important news happening in and around Texas Athletics compiled by Vice President and Athletics Director Chris Del Conte. [Forty Acres Insider archives]

    Longhorn Nation, Welcome back Longhorns! As you read this, we are just a few days from the kickoff to the 2022 Football campaign

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    Global markets have been laser focused on inflation readings all year. And, while that was still a big preoccupation for investors over the past week, another issue has emerged that could soon overtake it as the predominant market concern: the risk of recession and its impact to corporate prof

  • Uber Eats to begin autonomous EV food deliveries this fall

    by admin on 2022-09-24 03:11:04

    Uber Technologies, Inc. and Nuro, an autonomous vehicle company, have announced a 10-year partnership to use Nuro’s autonomous, electric vehicles for food deliveries in the United States.

    Uber Eats’ consumers will be able to order meals and goods delivered by Nuro’s zer

  • PHS Hall of Fame spotlight on 1989 Pikeville football - Mountain Top Media

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    1989 Pikeville Panthers Football Team 1989 KHSAA Class A Football State Champions Coach Hillard Howard’s 18th season as Head Coach of the Panthers, earning his 3rd Class A Football State Championship Title in a Row. Pikeville High became the first school to “3-Peat” in Kentucky High

  • Two Young Researchers Describe Two New Scorpions - Bay Nature

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    Just another day on the playa. The sun beats down relentlessly. The baked earth radiates heat from below. And a scorpion rests, tucked away in one of the cracks in the salty, clay-rich soil. Its toff

  • California housing: Newsom signs parking bill

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    This is CalMatters political reporter Ben Christopher, filling in one last time for Emily, who is schedule

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    by admin on 2022-09-24 03:10:40

    In the past two years, Miami's burgeoning tech-startup scene has exploded.

    It's become a magnet for investors from firms such as Founders Fund, Tiger Global Management, and Lux Capital, all of which have at least one partner in the city part time or full time. In July, Andreessen Horowit