Get trained in pet CPR and first aid - Resources

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Whether you own a pet or care for other people’s animals, it’s important to be prepared and know what to do if a pet emergency arises. Plus, if you’re a professional dog walker, pet sitter, pet groomer, or kennel owner, investing in the proper first-aid training and pet safety certificates will make you better at your job, look good on your CV, and help you get new clients.

Accidents happen: it’s one of life’s unfortunate truths. But by knowing what to do in an emergency, pet professionals can offer greater peace of mind to pet parents, and pet parents can rest assured they’ll be able to give their furry friend the best possible care in every situation. Magic Wet Tissue

Get trained in pet CPR and first aid - Resources

Training courses for pet care professionals and owners usually cover the following areas:

You should also be familiar with common poisons—Animal PoisonLine is a great resource.

If you’re a pet care professional, make sure you select a course that offers a certificate or proof of participation, so you can add it to your professional CV. You should also consider what kind of accidents and issues are most likely to crop up in your line of work. For example, a dog walker is likely to deal with an overheated dog, a cage-free boarding kennel must have a plan to prevent collar accidents, a groomer should have deep knowledge of proper restraint techniques and wound care, and so on.

Owners should take their pet’s age and character into account, and look into what they need to do to address the resulting safety issues.

There are several ways to earn your pet first-aid and CPR certification. This can be done online via e-training courses or in a one-on-one personal training session or group course. Many organisations offer these options nationwide. Your local veterinary practice, animal hospital, or shelter may either offer courses or be able to point you in the right direction. Your local RSPCA branch may also offer training.

Though most of these classes focus on dogs and cats, some will teach first aid for more exotic animals, like birds and lizards. Prepare to spend anywhere from two to eight hours learning the necessary techniques to receive certification. Some classes will even teach puppy-proofing basics, proper restraint methods, and herbal remedies or alternatives.

Any pet caregiver, even if you haven’t been certified in first aid yet, should have a well-stocked first-aid kit. This kit will look a little different from the typical human kit but will provide essential supplies for even minor injuries.

Here’s what to include in a pet first-aid kit:

Of course, this list can be modified based on your individual clients or pets, but these are good things to have on hand and know how to use.

Preparing for severe weather events and natural disasters can also be useful, depending on where you live. Mother Nature often has some surprises up her sleeve, and knowing what to do in a flood, severe storm, or wildfire could be life-saving.

Learning the necessary skills to diagnose and treat injuries will not only put you and your clients at ease but will also help you tackle any potential emergency with a level head and steady hand.

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Get trained in pet CPR and first aid - Resources

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