Sklarny Moravia modernises 22t/day furnace

2023-04-09 11:09:29 By : Ms. Jessie cui

Published 19th May, 2021 by Greg Morris

Czech Republic based custom glass container manufacturer Sklarny Moravia has overhauled its 22t/day furnace. Super Flint Custom Logo Square Spirit Liquor Glass Bottle

Sklarny Moravia modernises 22t/day furnace

The glassworks, based in the small village of Usobrno, has manufactured glass since 1827.

It is a privately owned glassworks with two furnaces (22t/day and 45t/day) located in the Moravia region of Czech Republic. The new furnace is a mixture of gas and electricity fired. And is almost ready for another six-year run.

It manufactures glass in flint, extra flint, amber and pitch black in small batches. It also offers special violet glass.

Its range is typically between 50ml and 3000ml depending on what it can fit to its SG 6-station machines. It has press and blow and BB technology for jars ad bottles.

It also makes apothecary jars.

Sklarny Moravia modernises 22t/day furnace

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